Updation of HRMS Profile Data of State Government Employees of Odisha

As per instruction vide letter no.9500/F Dt.15/03/2019 by Finance Department & vide letter no.9942/AR Dt.29/03/2019 by General Administration & Public Grievance (AR) Department every State Government Employee has to update the profile data in HRMS web portal. In this post we will learn how we will update our profile data easily and correctly.

As per the guideline issued by the General Administration & Public Grievance (AR) Department every state govt. employee will update his/her profile data by login to their personal account and the data will be available to the Approver as defined by the Head of Office/ DDO. In general the Head of the Office or the DDO it self be acting as the Approver.

So, every employee after login to his/her personal account have to click on My Profile link as shown in the image. This will lead to the 1st Page of the Service Book page. Now if you have the scanned copy of 1st Page of your Service Book then upload it otherwise you can leave it as it’s not mandatory. The next Tab is very crucial and have all your important details.

Personal Page screenshot


When you click on the My Profile Link you will land to a page which will look like this as below.


1st Page SB Screenshot
1st Page of Service Book Upload Page

There are a total 8 tabs where we have to fill all the crucial information. And in the above page you have to upload the scan copy of the 1st page of your Service Book.


My Profile HRMS Odisha
Personal Information Page

The next is Personal Information Tab which is divided into 3 parts. In the 1st part you will find your Photograph in round box, below it your full name, HRMS ID, Mobile No. and your current Post & Office Name. The 2nd section have GPF No, GIS Pass Book No., Date of Birth, Date of Superannuation, Date of joining in Govt. of Odisha. Your bank details. The 3rd and last section have Gender, Marital Status, Category, Post Group, Height, Blood Group, Home Town and Personal Identification Mark.

Language Tab HRMS Odisha
Language Tab

The next tab is Language Tab and its pretty much self explanatory that you have to add languages known to you and tick against the Speak, Read and Write as applicable for you.

Identity Tab HRMS Odisha
Identity Tab

In the Identity Tab

Annual Establishment Report

So finally links for Annual Establishment Review Report has been activated in HRMS. So lets learn how to prepare the Establishment Review Report in HRMS.

First you have to Login to the Personal Login using the same Username & Password with which you prepare Salary Bills. After login to the Personal Page yo will find the User Privilege box where there will be a My Office Interface link. Click on the link and a new page will open, there you can see the link for Annual Establishment R


How to View/Download Monthly Pay Slip from HRMS

Pay Slip Download

To view or download monthly salary slip from HRMS, we have to first login to the HRMS portal in personal login.

profile page


Pay Slip



Ok once we are inside our personal profile we will find the Pay Slip option at the right side bottom section inside the Request or Submission Box.





Click on the pay slip link and it will take you to the pay slip browser window. In the pay slip browser window you will find Year and Month drop down menu, select the desired year and month and click submit. On submit it will show you the pay slip row and click on view to take print out of the Pay Slip.

Pay Slip Browser



PaySlip Browser2


PaySlip Browser3




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How to Exercise Option for 7th Pay in HRMS

Options for 7th Pay

Finance Department in its letter no-28046 has clearly instructed that the entire Government employees will submit their option for coming in to the 7th Pay. So how to exercise option in HRMS?? So we are going to learn that in this step by step guide.

To submit the option or the 2nd Schedule we will go to hrmorissa.gov.in in any web browser, then click on the Personal/HRMS login and get in to the portal by using your personal User ID and Password.

If you don’t know how to get the Personal User ID and Password please read How to Get Personal User Name and Password for HRMS post first.

Ok once we are inside our personal profile we will find that the screen is divided in to 2 major parts. The 1st section has our personal information’s like Name, Designation, Scale of Pay, Cadre, Date of Joining, Mobile No. and such other details. The 2nd section again divided into 3 section, the upper part is our My Task region and below it the User Privilege and Submissions & Request section.


profile page


profile zoom


You will find the Pay Revision Option link at the User Privilege box, click on the link and a popup box will appear. This window has 2 options; the 1st option is for those who want to come to the revised pay scale from 01/01/2016. The 2nd option is for that employee who wants to come to the revised scale of pay from a desired date that may be their next increment date, promotion or up-gradation of post date.



Option Screen


Select the appropriate option where you get the financial benefit and then click on Submit. This will lock your option for and 2nd Schedule will be generated instantly. Take 2 copies printout, keep one for your own reference and submit another to your DDO/ Head of Office.


2nd Schedule


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How to get Personal Login ID & Password of HRMS


So if you don’t know your personal Login ID and Password for HRMS and want to know how to get that?? This is what we are going to discuss in this post.

So to get the personal Login ID and Password you have to go to hrmsorissa.gov.in and the look at the top right side corner of the page for the Login option. Click on the Login and you will get two options there namely Personal /HRMS Login and PAR Custodian Login.

login page


Click on the Personal/HRMS Login and you will be redirected to the Login Page. OK, as you don’t know your User ID and Password look for Forgot your password? link just below the Login button. Click on that link and a popup menu will appear and there you will get 3 fields. The 1st one is you 10 digit registered (HRMS) Mobile no, now what is this?? This is the mobile no. you have provided while opening your HRMS profile in the HRMS website for the 1st time.


Login Screen


So enter your 10 digit registered Mobile no, then the next field is your Date of Birth which should be the date recorder in your front page of your Service Book. Input The Date of Birth. Next is the Security Code or Captcha. Just enter the text or numbers as appear on to the text field beside it and click on Submit.


pwd reset




All the details you have entered will be validated and if it match with HRMS Database then a message will appear in green color saying that User ID and Password has been sent to your registered mobile no.




pwd reset1



So you will receive a SMS with your Login ID and Password may be within few minutes to few hours as it is depends on the SMS gateway. Enjoy



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